Not been paid the first payment

I linked my account to an Uphold account a couple of weeks ago, and have been watching the countdown on Brave ‘You’ll be paid in 6 days’. Today is supposed to be pay day and there is nothing in Uphold and the Brave balance says zero. Is this usual?

@f98d052a12ab7aa5dad4 Yes, it’s usual. The payments basically begin on the 8th. The dates have shifted a bit. In the past, payment began processing on the 5th. Then there were a lot of delays and issues, to where they shifted it for payments to begin on the 8th. Now in the past 6-12 months or so, it’s been claiming payments begin processing on the 7th.

They have a Topic they edit each month which will tell you the status of payouts. That topic is Ads Payout Status Update

On it, you’ll see:

What’s important to realize is that the date is not when we’re guaranteed to get the BAT, but it’s when payments begin processing. How quick you receive it depends on where you randomly fell in place when it was going through everything. Some months, it comes immediately. In others, it might take 2-3 weeks. (Though they have been getting better on it completing within 7 days lately)

In that same topic, you’ll see where they explain this:

Yes. Your Estimated Earnings will go to 0.00 each month, unless you had ads that didn’t reconcile. What I mean by that is maybe you viewed ads at the end of the month but the system couldn’t reconcile/process that in time. So if you had 5 BAT for Estimated Earnings, it’s possible you might see 3.75 BAT will arrive. It might make you panic and think you lost 1.25 BAT. But if you watch Estimated Earnings, often it will have that 1.25 BAT in it instead of being at 0. This is because it’s carrying over to the next month.

As to why the Estimated Earnings goes to 0 is that BAT you earn in those is actually called Virtual Basic Attention Token, or vBAT for short. In order to pay to Uphold, the vBAT is withdrawn from your browser and processed. Once processed, Brave converts it to BAT and does a direct deposit to your Uphold account.

As to Balance, it you have nothing in Uphold, that’s where you’re going to see 0.00 there. Let’s assume this month’s payment arrives and you don’t touch it, then that balance will always be visible until your browser disconnects from Uphold (which happens every 90-120 days). However, even if it disconnects, once you connect that balance will be visible once more.

Sorry, all of the above might be a bit much. Also, though I haven’t really updated it in the past month or two, you may want to visit a FAQ I wrote at the beginning of this year. It might help you on understanding things about Brave a bit more. That FAQ can be found at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Perfect! Thank you very much for the explanation.

Yep. Oh, one last thing. If you ever do have any issues with your payment, the best thing to do will be to submit a Rewards Support Ticket. This is the guaranteed way for someone from Brave to assist you. The information they need to investigate, such as your Wallet Payment ID, is something you should try not to share publicly. This is just to help keep it as secure as possible. Hence why the support ticket is better than topics on Community, especially if it’s in regards to issues regarding payouts.


Other thing I’ll stress. Lately there have been scammers going around on social media and even here on Brave Community. Make sure you never provide passwords, send money, or anything else. If someone sends DM asking for any information or asking you to visit some website, make sure you don’t do it.

Mattches details how to tell who is from Brave at NOTICE: Brave will NEVER ask for your private Wallet data/keys and I kind of touch on it over in that FAQ I gave you. Sorry to ramble, but wanted to make sure to mention in case you hadn’t seen it and if anyone ever does reach out. Stay safe, have fun, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.

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Thanks for the tips! I got paid today :slight_smile: Just need to figure how to get it out of the Uphold wallet now, its not very clear, but I’ve emailed the company.

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