Not all services/openPGP options available on Brave

I receive many encrypted emails. I open them in my email client in-browser. On Google Chrome, when I select an encrypted email and click with the mouse’s right button, within the tab SERVICES there are options related to OpenPGP. The two options I use the most are “OpenPGP: Decrypt Selection to New Window” and “OpenPGP: Encrypt Selection to New Window”. These options are not available on Brave. You can see in the screenshots that there are TWO OpenPGP options available on Brave, but on Chrome I have FIVE options.

Appreciate any help!

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Select an encrypted email.
  2. Right-click over the selection, go to Services.

Expected result:
Within Services, you should find, among other OpenPGP-relatead options, the options “OpenPGP: Decrypt Selection to New Window” and “OpenPGP: Encrypt Selection to New Window”. But they are not there.

Brave Version:
Brave 1.17.73

OS Version:
macOS Catalina 10.15.17

Google Chrome:

Just trying to get this thread up and hopefully getting someone’s attention :slight_smile:

Hello, what website do you read your emails in?

I also send encrypted and/or digitally signed emails, but I use an email client proper, namely Thunderbird, which I recommend.

Thanks for the recommendation @gmacar!

I do prefer using webmail though because I like the idea of not being “stuck” to any device in particular (at least as much as possible, which ofc it’s not ever entirely true).

Currently, I use gmail to manage my different addresses.

If you use Gmail with PGP or S/MIME it necessarily means you have an extension that manages your certificates and your encrypted/signed emails, because Gmail doesn’t do that natively. I have Gmail too and in the past I used those extensions with the webmail, but now I prefer Gmail + Thunderbird. It’s not true that I’m “stuck” to a device: I can read/write emails everywhere and from any device.
If your extension doesn’t work properly with Brave, it simply means the developer only tested it with Chrome (or other specific browsers). You could contact him/them.

I do not use a Chrome extension per se. I do have GPG Suite installed in my macOS and it handles the entire thing - at least with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

@42piratas I understand GPG Suite works with Apple Mail and not with Gmail directly (according to Wikipedia, it’s an extension for Apple Mail). Well, the gist is the same: you should ask the developer to test their suite with Brave browser.

@gmacar I can’t say for sure how it works, but I can say this:

  • I do not use the Mail app. It might have its native default functions working anyway in the backend, but I do not use it and it doesn’t hold my accounts etc.
  • OSS GPG services work perfectly with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even with Tor Browser. They do not work with Brave though.

So instead of asking to the devs of each different extension to test their work with every single browser out there (and as I can see there are many extensions don’t work with Brave), maybe we simply ask the Browser team to make sure their browser properly support standard Chromium extensions?

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