Not all bookmarks going over

I synced my pc and my mobile phone so my bookmarks can transfer over but not all of them have

  1. Tell your pc and phone to sync
  2. What a while for some of the files to go over
  3. You’ll notice that not all have gone over I have 3000 bookmarks and only 300 give or take have been synced

Not all the bookmarks have gone over

Latest downloaded it 2 days ago

My phone is the LGG7

Okay now to add some of my bookmarks, roughly 300 have gone missing!

@eljuno could step in

Thanks @Dgenies and apologies for late response @Jason.

I think we need some assistance here from @Mattches @sriram. Honestly, I’m still “unable” to sync my devices. :sweat_smile:

Mine synced but they aren’t all going across, entire bookmarks bar is missing and 300 of my other bookmarks were deleted

@Jason could you please tell me where the sync chain was created? Was it on desktop or Mobile? Also what versions of Brave are you running on your desktop and Mobile? Is it iOS or Android? Is your mobile running data or Wifi? Does it switch between data and Wifi?

@sriram In order I’m syncing my android phone to my laptop which is my main device, both are on the latest update as I downloaded it a few.weeks back and my phone and laptop auto update and it runs on both data and wifi but when the sync was first made it was on wifi

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