Not all BATs transferred to Uphold after verifying, the rest dissapeared

Hi. After verifying with uphold only few BATS transferred to uphold. The rest dissapeared. Anybody else, how has the same experience? What to do?

Please wait for some time. It can take upto 24hrs for BATs to be processed and show up in Uphold / Gemini

Strange, that some of them transferred just after verifying. I thought that all if them will be transferred at the same time.

Today I disconnected from Uphold and tried to verify again. After that it wrote to me, that my account was flagged. BATs weren´t transferred and also not given back on my “unverified” account.

I think when you verify they put a hold on your account for 24-48 hours until someone has checked the info you submitted. If not, suggest you open a support ticket with Uphold. I’ve been with them a few years now and find them very helpful.

I think, the flag is brave problem, not uphold. After verifying another account few days ago, all the BATS were transferred at the same time. I created support ticket here, with brave admins. I dont understand, why yesterday it was OK and today after reverify I was flagged.


Brave team has removed flag, account verified already a all BATs transferred. Thank you very much for fast solution…


Great to see they fixed it for you so quickly and that you are up and running again!

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