Not able to verify wallet with Uphold

When i clicked on VERIFY WALLET and authorised the uphold wallet after login with kyc account, it authorised and I received statement “Request still being processed”.
But its been 24 hours and still , it is showing the same “Verify wallet”.
I authorised many times but it is still not authorised and still not connected to my uphold wallet. How much time will it take to connect/link? And when will the “VERIFY WALLET” will disappear?


Yours is probably a Brave Rewards >> Rewards Support >> uphold issue.

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.36.14 PM

Brave Support will need more info, and organized.

PS. Tips:

First, do NOT re-install Brave Browser.

It is android. No uphold app is installed. Allowed all cookies. Logged in independently in new tab for uphold.

Still, after authorisation, it mentions “YOUR REQUEST IS STILL BEING PROCESSED” with buffer/loading symbol and it exits. Normal wallet remain open with wallet balance.

Can anyone tell what is the minimum USD required for this process for transferring to Uphold?

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