Not able to verify channel

I am using WordPress on all my three websites,, and
I have added the first website whatvwant, Brave immediately detected that I am using WordPress on my website and suggested me to install the plugin and do the verification. I did the same and verified successfully.

I have added the second website blogvwant, but brave did not detect it like WordPress, suggested me two methods. In the first method it gave me error that I don’t use https. But we are using https. I have tried the second method i.e., added the DND record. But it could not verify that.
I have repeated the same process for the third channel dealvwant, but got the same result.

What would be the issue?

@vwant Dns record takes a while to populate. it commonly takes about 24hrs for most site. so the faults isn’t braves. it is the dNS population issue. @mattches would help

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