Not able to see any Ads in my Iphone and Desktop browser from October

Hi Team,

I am not able to see any Ads in my Iphone and Desktop browser from October. Please find my browser version below.

Desktop Version: Brave 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

IOS Brave version : 1.19.2 (


Same issue here just recieved 7 adds then it stoped


Can you please look into this issue otherwise there is no use of using brave browser for me.


Please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

That same problem too…

Same problem! The ads is off for days and the bat of 1.630 still stoped. Please, help me.


I used to get Ads before and suddenly they got stopped from October. I am browsing a lot in your browser but I am not getting any ads. It seems we wont get any ads from now on.

Can you please share a screenshot of your Brave Rewards (Ads) section in Settings? Like this:

For days its stuck in the same vallue and the ads is off for days too. If you can helpme…


PFA of my rewards setting screenshot and also this month I didnt got my BAT rewards I earned in september month. You can see that in estimated pending rewards.

For me it helped to switch off ADS and switch back on again. Worked at least 2 times already. Hopefully this will be the solution for you as well.

Same here :frowning:

I tried but no luck.


Finally I got 2 ads in my desktop browser after a long time but still my iphone browser is not showing an any ads.

Just because you don’t see ads for a while doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong. Please see the following for more information on that:

Payments for ads are still processing at this time:

You should, by the end of the process be paid for the month of September.


I understood your terms and conditions but my concern is that why I am not getting any Ads from past several days when it worked fine before. At least 1 Ad per day gives me some hope that something is working. If we don’t get any Ads means we will think that something is broken from your side. Hope you got my point.

Also I am facing referral reward issue which is still pending. I got only 4.08 BAT for Group 2 (6.5 USD) confirmed user. For 6.5$ I need to get 25 BAT minimum. Can you please look into this. My linked email id

There are several other things broken in this browser. Hope they will get fixed in later releases and expecting some stable release.


:point_up: There is no connection between the funds you receive as a user (earning from ads, for example) and your publishers payments you get for referrals/contributions. I’m happy to look into the referral issue but I don’t see how that relates to the 25 BAT minimum required on Android to Verify/withdraw.

Additionally, payout is still processing – please wait until it is fully processed before worrying that your funds aren’t/won’t be distributed.


With the current BAT market price I should get 25 BAT minimum for successful referral of Group 2(6.5$) confirmed user but I got only 4.08 BAT for that user.

1$ - 4.08 BAT
6.5$ - 26.52 BAT

From the above calculation I am saying that I need to get minimum of 25 BAT. Attaching the screenshot for the same.

The minimum balance for payout is 5 BAT:

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