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I have some old google accounts on brave that i would like to get rid of. But it seems that im not able to find any information on how to get rid of it. I did find a google forum post about how to remove google accounts on Chrome, but it seems like im not able to do the same steps on Brave

Brave Version( check About Brave):

brave are not linked with google service despite they use the same core of the browser

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Yes, i know that. But is there any documentation of a away to remove accounts off of brave? Because the only documentation is for Chrome and not Brave.

can you add some clearing about what you mean about removing google account from brave
what you mean with that

Are you talking about autofiil like for passwords? Either way, you can poke around settings… but what you’re asking is vague since as said before braves not tied to google accounts and there isn’t anything specific to google in settings, account-wise…

edit: or you talking about profiles? Click the profile icon, then click the gear icon… hover over a profile and click the “…” that show… delete the profile from the menu

Sorry for being so vague on it, im really bad at explaining some stuff. But just found a video on what im trying to do.

Im talking about the thing for when you are logged into multiple google accounts and you can switch between them in google websites. Like Youtube and their other services.

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Hope this would help.

Go to then click on your Google Account Profile and there at the bottom you’ll see an option “Sign out of all accounts”

Note :- It will sign out of all your google accounts including your main account.

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Yep! That was basically what I was looking for, but really bad at explaining what I was wanting to do.

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