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Hello, I cannot print a webpage inside Brave on Windows 10. This problem occurred to me in the past but the problem went away with later versions of Brave. Now again since some versions of Brave, I cannot print. I get the print dialog say to prin to pdf but then the printing process just stops.

Note that I can print normally in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Vivaldi. I’ve tested all three browsers today with the latest versions except for IE.

I really like Brave and I hope that you will come up with a fix.

Thank you.



I have the same problem suddenly.
I bought a new MacBook Pro and are using OS X 13.2
Everything I print from Brave (even as PDF) comes blank out of the printer.
How to solve this problem besides switching browser?



Hi, Brave will barely let me print at all. For example, when I receive a pdf in my email and view it, it opens up normally with the small icons in the top right corner for downloading, printing, saving to drive, etc. However, when I click on print, it only brings up the file save window with no options for printing. If I go to the small Brave menu on the right and select print, it will print; but only about one third of the page actually prints. I have to save each file to my desktop and open it from there in order to print. I have no problems when using other browsers - just with Brave. Also, I also have to manually add file extensions whenever I do save files from Brave because it deletes them. Any suggestions? I like Brave and want to keep using it, but I end up having to use other browsers to get my work done.

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