Not able to download pdf documents on iPad


Thanks for a great browser.

However I have a problem downloading pdf documents on my iPad. This might also be a problem with other types of content.

Device: iPad Air 2, iPadOS 13.4.
Brave: 1.15
Other programs installed: Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  1. Open below page and scroll to the bottom:
  2. Press ‘Hent pdf’ (load/get pdf) below the picture. Or longpress to open menu. (Here it’s not possible to download/save/open with.)
  3. Below page is opened.
  4. Here are the options I tried, in order to download the pdf.

4.1) Downloads
a) Press …
b) Press Downloads
Nothing in Downloads (waited a while). Only ‘Done’ shown.

4.2) Share with…
a) Press …
b) Press Share with…
c) Tried all I could think of…
I know I can go via e.g. ‘mail’ and save it, but that is quite a detour from the ‘obvious’ choices ‘Archives’ and ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’. They are not there.

Anything I have missed, or is it a bug or missing implementation?

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