Not able to copy images and then paste without a link


Is there a reason why Brave doesn’t let you copy and paste images like other browsers.

For instance I go to google images and want to copy and past it in facebook. It provides a link instead of just the image. While I love the brave browser I have to use google chrome whenever I want to get significant work done that requires copying and pasting images.

Not really a bug. This is just part of the browser. Just curious to why and if it will ever get changed.



Thanks for reporting @bigslim1818,

It’s been an issue for a while but not solved yet. Added your comment as +1 and the issue is logged in the link below in case you want to track the progress

Duplicate of Copy and pasting image itself rather than image link



Ok thanks! Sorry I should have checked first! Its just frustrating because I really enjoy the brave browser and use it as my main browser. But it is a completely essential routine that is necessary for my daily life

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