Not able to claim brave reward

I’m not able to claim brave reward.
Pls help me.

Close the browser and try again, you will get it.

Thanks that’s works.

I’ve the same problem since yesterday but after closing it the issue persists. The wallet last month was linked to an Uphold and received rewards as usual, this month has been auto-unlinked as too many devices (but I did not installed any other Brave browser on any other devices, as I do not have any other device). So I try to unverified it and the error “Oops something is wrong…” appeared. I’ve also tried to link to a Gemini wallet but the appeared again.

you need to link your custodial account (Gemini or Uphold) before the last day of the month to receive payment (In a smoother way).

Try manually unlinking your browser by going to Uphold setting, this might help to remove linking limits.

I know but it works and it was verified till 10 May. Yesterday once the pop-up with the reward appeared I realized it has been unlinked. The amount of the reward was the same but now I’m not able to redeem it.

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