Not a bump but an Update to: I want to stop some Brave Tasks but can’t

Update: I rolled Brave back to the version shown below. This brought back the ‘toggle control’
under Extensions, so now I can turn the Brave ‘Crypto Wallet’ off again.

I still can not kill-for-ever (they reappear in less than 2 seconds) these two Utility’s in Brave Task Manager - Utility: Bat Ads Service …… Utility: Bat Ledger Service.

Both have a memory footprint over 6xxx K. I know that is not a huge amount of memory to worry about these days, I have 16 GB with 79% unused as I type. To me it’s about I either have control of my Browser or I don’t. I left G-Chrome, Opera, then Firefox because of lack of end user control issues, among many other things, security being top of my many concerns.

If I don’t want to use your Bat Services, Brave should not try to force me to in any way, shape or form, period.

My expectation is this: Give me control of Bat Services, let me turn them on/off.

One question. In my first post you will notice the Brave version is newer. The newer Brave version installed on my device removed the on/off toggle in “settings/extension/ Crypto Wallet.” That is why I made my first post here. I assumed that as soon as I went to ‘About Brave’ the internal checker/updater would push me up to the latest and greatest Brave version, but it did not and has not over many update checks, open and closing of the browser and a few OS reboots.

The question is; why did the Brave Team think it was a good idea to take control away from the user of a major item like the ‘Crypto Wallet’ and why is your server not pushing out the newest version of Brave to my install, like it did a little while back?

(Lenovo ideapad 700-15ISK / Win 10 r 1809, all patched up)

Brave is up to date
Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)

P.S. Mods, please don’t worry, I will wait for a reply to this post before posting again on this specific issue.

P.P.S. I just figured out that we posters are supposed to use the text-template thingy to ‘sort’ our posts properly. I apologize for not using it with my first and second (update) posts.

Hopefully this update-post adheres to the template a bit better than the first, even though I just cleared it out of the way before I began typing. I will use it as a guide for any future posts, as long as I don’t forget, lol.

Thanks in advance to all you kind people on the Brave Team for the continuing hard work and all the great help you give us users!