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Hi everyone, this is my 2nd post already XD

Well, the topic in this occasion is related to your block-scripts feature, which is nice, but it would be EVEN NICER if you would have a NoScript addon approach, mainly about 2 features:

  1. Instead of accepting or rejecting all the scripts on each webpage (keep this ‘each-webpage’ feature), it would be awesome if you would ALSO (not replacing, but adding) let users to select which scripts are accepted and which ones are rejected (like NoScript addon).

  2. A script whitelist (like NoScript addon).

(In other words, adding more personalization/managing to scripts).

With only those 2 added features, your block-scripts feature would greatly improve, imho.

So far, actually, this is my ONLY obstacle to fully use your browser.

*Sorry if this topic is treated in other thread. If so, please link me there and close this one. :slight_smile:

Greetings and tyvm.

A few questions before I make Brave my default browser
Session Manager + Tabs Bar + Bookmark Bar + Bookmark Managing

Hi @Exfirefoxer,

Did you already check the S with a red circle in URL bar? If you click it, it’ll open menu for accepting/rejecting script. I think this one answer Q1. Screenshot:

And for Q2, I think you can whitelist that site by disable script blocking for that site via Brave Icon in top-right (it only affect that site and leave other sites alone).

Hope I explain it well. Let me know if not.
Thank you,


I’ll check them for a while (had no clue about A1) and I’ll make a feedback afterwards.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Btw, taking advantage to ask (and not related to topic), is it normal that my url bar is in the center instead of in the left? Plus watching your ss (and if it’s not edited), is it normal that my orange Brave icon is on the extreme right instead of next to url bar like in your ss? Maybe some bugs left? since I’m using Linux version and hence, for example, my menu bar keeps showing every time I close & reopen the browser, even when I chose to hide it.


For A1, when you enable script blocking, every time you visit site, there will be S with red circle on URL bar. You can then select which scripts you would like to allow.

Ah, for URL bar, I enable Use wide URL bar in Preferences > Advanced. And yes, normal URL bar is in center. :wink:

For,Brave icon, I’ll take a look for existing issue. Also ccing @sriram for confirmation since I’m not use Linux. May vary by OS (?). I’m on Windows.
But I think, Brave icon is placed in the right. Maybe because I use wide bar, so it’s looks like it’s next to URL bar. With normal bar, it’s also “far” from URL bar.

It’s a known issue and logged here:
I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress in the link above.

Thank you,


Now we’re talking… I’m using the wide url bar option too now XD
Plus, with wide bar, the icon is next to it too like in your ss.
I think that making the bar wide by default would be better for newcomers, imho, or is there a reason to not to?

And ty for the bug report link too.


Since I’ve been using the browser a little further, I can indeed saying that you’re right about Q2. It works like you say. But given the following 2 current features:

  1. Whitelist that site by disable script blocking for that site via Brave Icon in top-right (it only affect that site and leave other sites alone).

  2. Allow [chosen scripts] until [browser] restart.

I guess that the ‘mechanism’ to whitelist ONLY the scripts you want are right there. You just have to add a third button that reads something like “Add to whitelist” to make the permission permanent. So, why don’t you implement it? It would be really awesome.

The ideal is to make scripts whitelist on ALL webpages that implement the allowed scripts, but if you can’t (I know you can, but I mean if you don’t want to code further XD) or don’t want to (by design), you could make it to each webpage in an independent way like now.


Hey @Exfirefoxer,

Since it’s have option for this, I think center-not wide URL bar is by design. But I’ll look for existing request or open a new one. :slight_smile:

I found two open issues that maybe can covered your request. Can you take a look at this one
And this one?

I think the first issue will cover your request. I can add your comment as +1 in existing issue that covered your request.

"scripts" need adjustment to set specific scripts

Yup. The 1st one is what I’m proposing too. I would appreciate very much the +1 you offered. And tyvm again for all. :slight_smile:

*If I have more questions or proposals (now [in fact, I have some more now XD] or in future), can I make them in this thread or I need to create a different thread for each one?


Added your comment as +1!

Create a new one for each will be better. :wink:

Thank you,


Oks. Thank you very much again. :slight_smile:

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