Noscript and ublock orgin


Please add noscript and ublock orgin please.

uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger

I don’t think that will happend since script blocking already is implemented and ublock is an Adblocker… :grimacing: A hiding elements part like in Ublock will be implemented some time in the future :wink:


Then will we get more user control on script blocking?


Don’t know but you can always open an issue on github with the changes you want or you can tell them here and I can open an issue for you and provide the information you gave me :wink: Sorry for late reply :grimacing:


Noscript style JS whitelist would be a great feature, especially with Noscript on Firefox in danger from XUL extension removal that is coming up this fall.


I think I may have created a topic related to ublock0
Don’t you think its better that features/algorithms are implemented within the Brave engine rather than adding another ad-blocking but external tool. It makes it slightly inefficient don’t you think and defeats the purpose of both engines proprietary reason.


I would also kindly ask to add uBlock Origin. We have some localized block lists that work inside uBlock that will remove localized advertisings. Just Brave is not efficient enough. This might be also in other countries. I appreciate your efforts and thanks for the opportunity to let community know about favourite extensions through Brave browser settings!


NoScript, Ublock Origin as well as Disconnect, I feel all are needed. If you tout this to be a good alternative to any other browser, it needs to be able to offer the security features which others do as well.


Love NoScript. Can be a pain sometimes to access a new site, but also gives me an idea how much 3rd party linking is going on. I really like and value the ability to allow or block scripts from a specific host


Absolutely, we utilize NoScript and really appreciate, as others here have already expressed, the ability to block specific host scripts. If possible, this would be a great extension to add here to Brave.


Also want to thank @albastev - Had not been aware of the XUL vulnerability in NoScript / Mozilla so still hoping that NoScript or a flavor similar can be implemented in Brave


I use ad-blockers to remove custom elements from pages, like areas where banners and such are positioned. While I don’t know how Brave’s builtin ad-blocking compares to uBlock Origin, I echo the sentiments of others that the ability to remove elements from a page (persistently) is a very useful feature.


Have you ever tried Block Scripts on the top right lion icon and the noscript icon on the URL bar?




I think this is discussed here:

uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger

Just hstarted using this browser today; I switched from FF which i have been using for the last 10 years.
so far an annoying thing with this browser is that it does not block ads as good as ublock origin, and adblock plus, please get better with this, or this browser is still a no go for me, as browsing the internet and seeing ads for the first time iun 10 years is not FUN…


Which page do you see the ads? We’ll investigate on that.


Hope so, this would be very useful.


uBlock Origin offers more than plain ad-blocking. It allows for some annoying popups, dropdowns and video playing to be removed from frequented pages. Would love to see this added, thanks