Norton Password Manager login page hangs in Brave suddenly

I have been using Brave with the Chrome extension for Norton Password manager for some time now on a Windows 11 desktop. As of mid August, the login page for Norton’s password manager hangs when I attempt to log in. I can still log into this Norton’s password manager page with Chrome with no problem. I don’t want to switch back to Chrome unless I have to. In order to stay with Brave, I need to get the Norton password manager working again.

The page hangs when I enter my password and hit “Open Vault”.

I am using a Windows 11 64 bit desktop with 32 Gb RAM and loads of free disk space.

I am using Brave ( Release Notes v1.42.97 (Aug 17th, 2022). This new version was installed around the time that I started having this problem with Norton Password Manager. The timing may just be a coincidence.

Whether I use the default shields configuration or turn them off, this does not help.

chrome version where the Norton Password manager still works.
Chrome version Version 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit).

This login page uses the Norton Password Manager extension:
Version This version is installed and active in both Chrome and Brave.

This is what displays in the url field Brave when I am attempting to log into the Norton Password Manager (in both Brave and in Chrome)
(Norton Password Manager | chrome-extension://admmjipmmciaobhojoghlmleefbicajg/content/ui/vault-unlock.html )

I have tried the following with no success in Brave:

-Cleared cache in Brave
-I removed and reloaded the Norton Password Manager extension (see above) in Brave
-Removed the shields.

From my experience, one thing that makes Norton Password Manager hang is if you enter the wrong password. However, this is not the case here, because i am entering the same password in Chrome and in Brave. And it’s only hanging in Brave.

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