Nonsensical, transgressive results when searching a phone number

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Description of the issue: Performing search for phone number “479-338-5050” on returns a laundry list of NSFW results, even with Safe Search enabled. The phone number is for the endocrinology department at a hospital nearby. What the hell is going on here?

Brave Version (check About Brave): Not relevant; problem occurs on whatever browser you like to use. Brave Search is itself broken, here.

Operating System: Not relevant; problem occurs on whatever operating system you like to use. Brave Search is itself broken, here.

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My sister (same locale, different network provider) is getting property listings in New Zealand.

My friend in Florida is getting Mexican and Quebecois results with safe search turned off. Otherwise, he also gets the New Zealand results.

Hiya, this may fall in line with the new “goggles” filter released by Brave.

"Goggles enable any individual—or community of people—to alter the ranking of Brave Search by using a set of instructions (rules and filters). Anyone can create, apply, or extend a Goggle. Essentially Goggles act as a custom re-ranking on top of the Brave search index."

I don’t know if it would be hilarious to consider all this information is presented based on the known data mined from different users who all have at one point googled/called that phone number in their own respective travels. Maybe these stories are just common folk tale among endocrine patients :\

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While I would find this a hilarious way to break SEO, I’m not sure I buy it. The reddit thread going on at has several different sets of results with no readily apparent pattern. One guy posted not long ago that they’re getting just straight up links to PornHub and Xvideos, so not even this weird mishmash of human anatomy peppered liberally with beastiality. Lots of other benign results, too, usually far away from a person’s geographic or selected location and in languages the person doesn’t speak.

Fixed as per