Nonintrusive ads on Yahoo News get through


In adblocker plus you have the option to turn off “nonintrusive ads” which blocks the sponsored ads on ( These ads are getting through Brave’s filters.


Do bear in mind that Brave’s shields do not block 1st party ads and only 3rd party ads. In the future (and perhaps with additional extension support), you also may be able to block 1st party ads or specific elements in Brave. However, the 1st vs. 3rd party distinction seems to also be why AdBlocker Plus requires you to take an extra step in order to block the sponsored ads on Yahoo.


Thanks Chris. Is it possible to put in a request for the ad blocker plus extension then?


There is an Extension Request subform here as well, but do see existing submissions for ad blocker extensions (such as uBlock Origin):

With Brave v1.0, you will see full Chrome extension coverage, so it may just be worth waiting until then rather than holding your breath for some of your favourite extensions to be individually ported over :wink:!

To find out more about Brave v1.0, see the announcement here:


Gotcha! Thanks again Chris. Lovr what you guys are doing.