None of the youtube icons like notification or display photo are opening

none of these are opening when being clicked on I am not able to change my channel or open the notification section

Open brave://adblock and add in the Custom Filters textbox.

still not working
i have done that and even seen if my browser is fully updated and it is nothing is working

It works but for some unknown reason to me, it doesn’t work all the time or immediately. You might have to re-open YouTube in a new tab once or twice until the custom filter takes effect. I’m experiencing the same issue.

when we type the code in the box there is no indication that it is in effect as there is no enter button just a white box

That’s right, there’s no confirmation box that alerts you whether a custom filter is active.

Like I wrote in my previous comment, the custom filter seems not to be working all the time. I have the exact same issue as you, using the same custom filter will bring back the functionality of those buttons, but refreshing YouTube might break the buttons once again.

@fanboynz committed a fix that will become available to us within 24 hours, until then we’ll have to use the custom filter, although refreshing YouTube, or re-opening it in new tabs might be required now and then.

thanks for the suggestion i have tried opening it in other tabs but it just doesn’t seem to work I guess all we can do is wait and hope this gets sorted out

it worked for me thank you so much

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Hey i have realized by shielding down for a second and then clicking it is working after doing the desired command just shield back up to not get ads

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