"non-intrusive" Brave Ads are very intrusive

As stated on the main Brave Ads website, “Brave Ads are not intrusive to your browsing experience.” While that may be technically true, Brave Ads on my desktop machine are intrusive to other applications that are running, which I personally think is much much worse. Rather than relying on the standard notification system built into my desktop environment, which Brave versions up until the most recent have done, the new version creates its own pop-up windows that cover other content on the screen, in particular whatever happens to be in the top corner (which is where I usually put my most important tasks). The Brave Ads page also says that everything is configurable (“you can tweak every aspect of them”), but this is not.

I would very much appreciate if the Brave Ads team would reconsider this behavior, as it mimics the annoying pop-up ad behavior that many people were trying to avoid when they switched to Brave in the first place.

These new notifications can be clicked and dragged to any part of the screen. Once you do, that position will be remembered and Ads will appear there when they’re served.