Non credits of earnings :-

Dear community,
I’ve got 4 bat tokens as a grant but it’s still not credited in my brave publisher wallet. I’ve got that 4 token on 1.08.2019. In the publish wallet section a message is showing as ‘PAYOUT IN PROGRESS’ it has been showing for the last 24 hours. Please solve the issue.

@ron1234 first, it’s not an issue.

Your brave://rewards wallet and your account is two different wallet and not related to each others. That’s why your BAT on your brave://rewards wallet is not reflected on your creator account.

Let me know if it’s unclear.

How do i add the balance to brave publisher wallet?

Grants is supposed to help users try the Rewards system, @ron1234, and use it to support online creators.

I would not suggest you to self-tipping since it’ll lead to account suspension.

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