Non-Brave VPN Question

This is more of a question than an issue, but I have Bitdefender VPN. If I use this VPN, will I still see brave ads?
I know I used a VPN before and always lost ads, but does that only happen because I switch countries using a VPN? I live in the USA, so if I stick with a region located there, will I still lose ads?
Or if I need to switch countries for some reason, if I exit out of Brave before changing and changing back to USA before opening Brave again, will that cause me to get flagged?



Brave uses your IP address and Locale to determine which ads to show you and what you earn your BAT. So if you’re USA locale and using England for your IP address in VPN, then it will try to show you England ads but may not pay because it doesn’t get the confirmation due to your Locale being USA.

Officially they say VPN isn’t enough to get you flagged. So Brave’s reply will be something of that sort. That said, it’s always suggested that you always use VPN that matches your Locale. So if you’re in the USA, use an IP from USA. If you’re going to use something outside of the region you’re in, then it might be best to turn off Rewards during that period of time…especially if you’re doing to be using that IP for extended periods of time. This will reduce the chances of it appearing as if you’re trying to game the system to see ads you shouldn’t be seeing or whatever else.

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Thanks for the help.

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