NoCoin Miner Needed! Block Crypto Miners!



Brave is GREAT!
I honestly Support an open source version of chromium, but more effective with an inbuilt adbloking module. Works like a chram on low end devices. However, There are some major setback on this browser, especially in 2018. Just like Opera, Brave Also needs a solid rawburst Anti-crypto mining module. May 2017 till date [Feb 20th 2018], there have been a rise of crypto mining exploites & webpages by 200%
Opera Saw it coming & pushed an update with NoCoin Miner module to block mining based scripts & codes on the pages, including the once hidden in Images & Video files on Webpage. When it comes to android, Crypto-mining can do a major damage on the device, even physically! [Reffer This Article:

So a module like Crypto-blocker while browsing is highly required!
More minor features like ability to block Silver-light & other major exploitable features are in a need.

Hoping to see a severe improvement in Brave in coming days.
And again. Thank you For being open source & turely a privacy focused stand-alone browser.


This is actual not only for Android obviously…


Hi @BOB-vagene @PrivacyNerd,

Brave on desktop and mobile share same adblock list AFAIK. And I think Brave already block coin mining for months now. :slight_smile:



Are you sure? :slight_smile:
Because I’m concerned about it as recently I visited couple of websites from an article in malwarebytes which showed a couple of silently monero mining site with a message "Disable Adblock for this site or we will use your resources for mining monero to generate revenue " Brave didn’t block it & CPU reached 95+ for all the time I stayed on site. Unfortunately the site is dead now. I tried same website with Opera [android] browser. It successfully blocked mining while brave with blocking enabled didn’t.

Here’s an example article:


I would add that if BOB-vagene is correct then I’d highly recommend offering access to enabling the nocoin extension.