No Withdraw Funds Button

Hello i got 31 bat but cannot withdraw it because there is no withdraw funds button only add funds and view statement… what should I do. please help

this is the image of my bave rewards… connected on uphold but no withdraw funds

seems from the screen shot you are verified with uphold. you would need to withdraw through them using either their website or app.

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im verify ut in uphold app and website there is no bat thier… i try to contact uphold… they said i dont have bat yet… i should contact brave they say

bro si en la captura aparece que esta verificado los bat automaticamente se envian a uphold

the screen shot shows bat in your wallet and that your wallet is verified. it should be there if you login to uphold. if it isn’t you might want to send a dm to @steeven

thanks for helping i will message him…

thanks i will message him

i dont have bat in uphold let me put the ss here.

never seen that site. i use either in a browser or the app on mobile.

it classic mode but here the next ss

crazy, hopefully @steeven will be able to help figure it out.

hope so. thanks for the help man

  • Verified Uphold wallets: :green_circle: Payments Processing
  • Verified Gemini wallets: :yellow_circle: Payments Pending
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: : Claims Available (check your Brave Rewards)
  1. Are payouts still processing?
    Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on 7th of each month, it may take several days to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. Additionally, if you are using Brave Rewards on multiple devices, they may be paid out at separate times – that is, you may receive payment for one of your devices before the other(s).

Payments are sent out by Brave around the 8th of each month. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive it or have it available exactly on the 8th. It usually takes between 7-14 days for the majority of users to receive payments. You can see payment status listed under Help Center and Resources or you can see it at the top of the page at

If those resources show payments complete, then you should contact staff via DM with your Wallet ID and detailed information about how you have not yet received payment. See more details under Why haven't I received my payout

Information gathered from:

Simpler thing: BAT hasn’t all been sent out yet. It can take up to 14 days, though they aim to get it out within 7. So check the links and wait for it to say all payments were sent out. You can see right now Uphold is processing and Gemini is still pending.

So give it a week, then if you still have issues and if it says payments complete, then reach out to Steeven or Mattches as I suggest in the FAQ that’s linked.

thanks for the help man… its been 10 days thats why i just want to know how to fix it thanks again

sir why my 30 bat is not in uphold… only my earning last february went through…
i just verify my uphold recently…

10 days since what? Payments are just now starting to be send and are far from finished. Keep an eye out at Ads Payout Status Update

  • Verified Uphold wallets: :green_circle: Payments Processing (10% Complete)
  • Verified Gemini wallets: :green_circle: Payments Processing
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: : Claims Available (check your Brave Rewards)

You notice how Uphold is only 10% complete? And they don’t have a percentage for Gemini, but it’s nowhere near complete either. And when they say Processing, they mean from Brave’s side. Then it is however long until Uphold/Gemini take to process and apply to your account. I tell people expect at least 7-14 days to receive payment. They begin sending out around the 8th of each month. So with it just now being the 10th in the United States (literally is just going from the 9th to 10th, it’s 1:38am as I’m writing this, but in California where lot of Brave stuff is at, it’s still the 9th at 10:39pm)

Likely because it is still being processed as I mentioned above.

When did you verify? If it was within the past week, then it was during new month. As much as they try to get it sent right away, since it’s after payout period there’s a chance any balance will pay in the following month. I’m assuming you’ll see it here soon when all payments finish processing, but it all matters on when you verified.

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