No v1.22.70 for Android? -- [SOLVED] Release v1.22.69

Is there an APK for Release v1.22.70?

Brave Version:

Mobile Device details

Thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

When they are available, Brave always releases new versions on the Play Store. Why do you need a separate APK?

@gmacar it never popped on the Play Store for me (v1.22.66), so I just grabbed the APK from Github.
For v1.22.70, Android’s not listed this time…

Would the fact that I haven’t received one ad since the 24th be incentive for someone to point me in the right direction? I’ll even throw in a :cookie:

I received an ad this morning - and all the counters bumped accordingly - so that seems to be fine.

I was curious if I maybe shorted myself out of an auto-update by going the APK route for v1.22.66, but when I check the Brave browser at Play Store it still shows the older version as being the newest:

I’ve thought of doing a reinstall, but wouldn’t that just set me back to v1.21.77? I guess there are a lot of Androids out there still at this version, right? So maybe it isn’t a big deal…

At Github there is mention of an upgrade, Chromium .90 to .105…

…but I’m not sure what to do with this info.

If someone provides me more insight on this, that’d be great - and worth an extra :cookie: - till then, I guess I’ll just wait and see what’s to come. :upside_down_face:

You can check releases for all 3 channels (release, beta and nightly) here in this GitHub page. You can download and install corresponding .apk files depending on your OS.

Yes, thank you, @nellaiseemai, but at this time I’d prefer a Release version for my mobile.

*I had thought there could be some issue with my current Brave version because I stopped receiving ads and experienced some sluggishness; then I got one ad today, and performance improved when I cleared my cache (I’d forgotten that the cache can’t be auto-set to clear upon close on mobile).

v.1.22.66 was released for all OS on March 23rd. Perhaps it was a time zone issue or plain operator-error, but some others and I weren’t getting that auto-update for our Windows when we’d click on the browser’s Safety check (mine finally took on the 24th, around 01:00).

However, I went to Github to see what was up not long after steeven’s Release announcement. There, under Windows, was stated it would auto-update, but I saw the APK and grabbed it because nothing was coming through the Play Store, either. I installed v.1.22.66 Chromium 89.0.4389.90 and it appeared/ is appearing to run fine.

On the 25th, v1.22.70 was released, but no Android support, and nothing at Play Store. I wasn’t too bothered until the aforementioned* became hard for me to dismiss.

Since creating this topic, I’ve been looking around, reading lots of different posts. v1.22.66 is no longer accessible at Github (I think), and I don’t believe as many grabbed the APK as those that would expect an auto-update from Play Store. It still shows v1.21.77 there, in fact… but shouldn’t it at least reflect v1.22.66? :thinking:

There are a variety of issues being posted about, and though I know it’s across the board (OS-wise), I can’t help but to wonder how many are on v1.21.77 versus v1.22.66 - and then when you throw in those using Nightly or Beta… well… it’s easy to see why some of this looks like using fingers to plug up unending hull breaches. :neutral_face:

One last thing… though v1.22.70 at Github has no Android support, I do see the release note about updating Chromium from 89.0.4389.90 to 89.0.4389.105. At the risk of looking a bit ignorant, I don’t know what to do with this information - whether there’s something I can install, if it’s a work-in-progress, or what.

Anywho… thanks to anyone who made it through all that - and if I was annoying, feel free to blame it on my six-month lockdown :upside_down_face:

I checked github page. The latest update for release version is 1.22.69.
Sometimes there is no sync between github release and play store.

If you have 1.22.66, you can try this 1.22.69.

No problem. Lockdown or not Its pleasure reading your reply.

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Ah, there it is, I greatly appreciate this!
Thank you, @nellaiseemai, and you’ve earned the whole pack :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:x2 :smiley:

Edit to say I’ve updated and all is running great so far - no changes in my settings, no loss of BAT and ad tracking, no sync issues… just great! :slight_smile:

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