No Uphold account for Armenia. What to do?

Dear All,
I was using Brave here in Armenia for a bit less than a year (moved here from Russia because of the awful war they started). I have some BATs (well, they are vBATs apparently), but I have no idea how to keep them because of these new rules.

Armenia is not supported by Uphold, and does it mean all the earnings will be inevitably gone in a month? It doesn’t look fair whatsoever. I can’t describe how confused I am now.

Tried to search through the Community with ‘Armenia’ keyword, but found nothing useful. Would be grateful for any hints or ideas.

Some regions are not serviced by any of our current custodial partners (Uphold, Gemini, and bitFlyer), or cannot be supported by Brave. As a result, we expect that unverified/non-connected Brave Rewards users in these regions will only be able to use their remaining virtual BAT balances to support creators before the vBAT sunset deadline.

Thank you for your understanding.

As far as I know, Armenia is supported by Brave (which is why me and some of friends of mine were still able to receive Brave rewards having our PSs and laptops located in this country), so the issue is from the custodial partners’ side. And this is where I find it massively unfair - Brave forces us to support creators living us no choice there (and the list of such nonsupported countries is quite long). Not to mention I know no creators who I can support with my vBATs at all, since BAT and Brave are not that common.

You’re wasting your breath, Brave have already decided to cheat thousands of their loyal clients out of their BAT tokes even tough they were paid by the advertisers. Must be one of the largest rug-pulls in this industry. They knew how this was going to turn out yet they turned their backs on their users. No help or any alternative solutions coming from their side.

I wonder what all their advertisers will have to say about this. Best you just switch to another browser. This whole ‘getting paid’ for ads is all one big scam.

They are literally called brave so they are not afraid to steal your money

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