No toolbar on Ubuntu?



Before, it was ok.

But now, with the new version, there is not the bookmark toolbar.

On ubuntu 14…

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Hi @Loick

Could you please tell us what version of Brave you are using? You can find this by going to about:brave



Hi, @LaurenWags,

It’s very interesting.

I follow Brave since 2 years and it was ok, it is always ok.

Just, before, i think it’s was, maybe, more easy on the home page to find about linux. i purchased directly the last version.

It’s true i showed the very very old version - i saw 0.19.48 - and actually, it’s 1.0.35.
But maybe to verify the code on

To see if this line is ok. Because, i think i purchased the old version with.


See u later.


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