No sync with latest version

I am using iMac with Catalina and the latest version of Brave (re-installed it), but the “sync” option keeps gray and is not working

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I too came for this.

Sync is not available in iOS Mojave. I have the same issue on my win7 PC.

Since I have multiple devices sync is crucial to me (as I reckon for most people).

Has sync been disabled due to all the issues I brought up on the forums?

I have version 1.3.115 and Beta 1.4.90 and neither have Sync anymore. The previous install, 1.3.114 and Beta 1.4.80 both had it. Sync is a requirement for me. If you get rid of it then I will have to use another browser. I’ve dealt with all the bugs, I won’t deal with this particular feature removal. For now I guess I am going to uninstall and reinstall the older version and disable auto update till this is resolved.

Same question already answered in other post.

Thank you.

Sync disabled on Brave Version 1.3.115

Look here