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I have Brave on two Macs and set up sync but have found no functionality at all associated with it, no tabs from other machine visible, bookmarks do not seem to be the same on the two machines. Both machines show that they are syncing. Without easy tab and bookmark access from other devices (including iOS eventually), I will have to go back to Safari. But I really do not want to do that. Any ideas on how to get the two machines to actually sync?


Hi @piratecat,

If I’m not wrong, at the moment Brave Sync is only can syncing bookmarks, history, and settings.

I believe it’s a known issue. cc @sriram or @LaurenWags for information since I can’t find the issue on GH (maybe I missed it).

And mobile sync is coming.

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Hi @piratecat

@eljuno is correct regarding the current functionality of sync, however I have logged a request to sync tabs as well, it can be tracked here:

Additionally, regarding your bookmarks not being the same, we have an issue logged for this, it can be tracked here:



Thanks for these updates/links. For me, tab syncing is critical, I use it constantly in Safari and can’t commit to Brave without this feature, and I am loving Brave. I have tried all the alternate browsers, Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, and Brave is the first one that I wanted to stick with.

For me bookmark syncing is way less important that tab syncing. I use search much more often than bookmarks.

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