No "Supported Sites" in the "Auto Contribute" section of the Rewards page



Description of the Issue
I’ve been using Brave Beta for a few weeks now and I just checked the Rewards page. It doesn’t look like there are any sites I’m supporting right now even though I’ve visited many sites already.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue

  1. Browse Brave
  2. Go to the Rewards page (chrome://rewards/)

Actual Result
No sites seen in the list

Expected Result
List of sites I visited and will potentially support

Reproduces how frequently?

Operating System


Hi @syuan100!

Your profile picture is one of my personal all time favorite photographs!

We appreciate you reaching out and bringing this to our attention, however the supported sites and other additional Rewards features are still a work in progress. I’m told that these Rewards features are expected to be ready and implemented in the next release.

Happy to see you showing an interest in the program. Make sure to come back and tell us what you think!