No supported region/all earned BATS disappeared?

I’m resulting in no supported region now.
All earned BATS from July disappeared !
What to do ?
Appreciate your attention, thanks for eventual reply.

@arminstuk Can you please provide some additional information so a community member or Brave support staff can help troubleshoot.

Please provide:

  1. Brave and OS version found at brave://version
  2. Screenshot of your brave://rewards page including Auto-contribute toggle. Example below.

Normally, once a new month starts, your estimated earning balance from the month just ended is reduced by your payout notice (“Your BAT July rewards will arrive in y days”) amount. Anything not included in the payout notice amount will roll over into estimated earnings for the current month. Are you saying you do not have a payout notice? Did any amount roll into estimated earnings for the current month?

Please do provide an update and especially a screenshot of what is displayed at brave://rewards. Other scenarios may apply in your situation. A screenshot will help determine if any of these other scenarios apply.

This notes and words are for Brave, not for community members

Sorry I just discovered that Croatia is not more on the list of supported countries, and this is the problem. I’m unable to connect to Gemini and don’t see any sense to screenshot anything. If you tell me that Croatia is supporetd again I will do.
Thanks for you assistance !
Next time better inform people that theirs countries are not more supported, but stopping and erasing all BATs is really unfair. Tell me what I’ve done to you so badly that Brave behave this way. Tell you again end in Hell, so much I can tell this moment.
Anyway you’re not only browser in the town, albeit even through your ads I bought some staff. Do yo like more and more and more.
Thanks again, I’ll check from time to time whether Croatia is back to supported list.
And let you know what happens than.


Armin Stuk
email: [email redacted]
Inform be if you want my home address , gender, blood etc.

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What I wrote above is directed to Brave not to community members.
Btw, everything was working fine for two months, no problems with Gemini, nice and suddenly started Brave joke around, supported or not countries etc.

Then you’re in the wrong place. If you want ONLY Brave to respond, you need to do a support ticket

If you post here, it’s public and is going to get responses from anyone and everyone in the community. Also, Chocoholic is one of the people who regularly helps here on the community and is greatly appreciated.

That is only for Uphold and Gemini. Croatia is still supported for Brave Rewards. You can see this at

The difference is that you can see ads and earn BAT, but there’s no exchange where you can withdraw the BAT at this time. So all BAT either stays in your browser or you use it to tip Content Creators. You can kind of look at it as a forced HODL.

Announcements were made all over the place. It can’t be helped if you don’t watch for it.

No such thing has been done. Are you new to Brave? Never received payments before? At the start of each month, your Estimated Earnings are reduced to 0 and then later arrives as a payment. If you’re not connecting to Gemini or Uphold, you will need to Claim the monthly payout when it arrives. Payouts begin around the 8th of each month and it can take 2-3+ weeks to complete.

I really would advise you learn to ask questions first before you go accursing people of stealing or in other ways attack the credibility and honor of others. You are assuming bad and making yourself look bad to others.

As Brave has announced, there were issues with compliance with various government regulations. On top of that, there was a lot of fraud. They had to restrict things while they revamp everything and get it back running. They just want to make sure they are doing everything they are legally required to do . You can get upset all you want, but life and business have things you can’t be in control of. Sometimes it is inconvenient. But it’s stuff that has to happen.

No no I’m not in wrong place, what you’re the same of school, responding this way, You’re in wrong place I tell that much. Shame on you, Don’t reply if you want, I’ii send same message every month until I get thoso BATs. What you want, take my time and fill up your metrics, this what you want telling me I’m in wrong place… What Brave is sending you guys and maybe pay you to take our time. That’s seems you’re doing.
Fraud, yes Brave is stilling our souls that’s what is going on.Metrics metrics metrics, showing around , and who cares they say first in the morning.

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Please stop saying you’re in wrong place, you’re new, you didn’t see that and that, same storry same language every time all the time, without solving anything, talk to talk and that’s it.

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It’s my problem if I look bad to others, what about you, you look nice or what .

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Please see @Saoiray’s reply above for answers to your questions and how to reach out to us if you have more questions or concerns.

Thank you.

I am also getting the same error. No problems since January. I haven’t been able to log in from my phone for the past 1 week. Region not supported error.
There is no problem on the computer, but I cannot log in to the phone.
The country I live in is Turkey.
I don’t use vpn.

brave give: 1.41.100