No support for Win 8.1?

Hopefully brave thinks about long term benefits and dont scrap away from starting something just because its going to take longer time to succeed.

The longer the journey, the greater it feels when we accomplish it.

I don’t mind having to tap on my touchpad once every time I open Brave to get rid of that banner at the top warning about Brave not supporting Windows 8.1.
(The same with Chrome.)
I don’t get that warning using the Librewolf browser.

I always surf the web sandboxed by Sandboxie, set to automatically empty the sandbox when closing a browser, so whatever came in I don’t want is gone after browsing.
On top of that I have Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, Windows Defender, and herdProtect which utilizes 68 scan engines, including the top brands. All for free except Malwarebytes.

So I see no urgent reason to give up utilizing my perfectly working 8.1 on my HP Elitebook 850G1 for Windows 10 (or 11 if I could).

I have enjoyed StartIsBack since I got my current laptop in 2013, so it looks like a modernized Windows 7.

I have had Windows updates turned off for years now. No need for any of that in my setup

I can always consider getting 10 or 11 if things get so bad I can’t enjoy my current carefully customized system any longer. But for now, “What me worry?”

Brave does not automatically gets removed from the sandbox after closing that otherwise excellent browser. But one right click on the Sandboxie icon and “Terminate All Programs” solves that minor issue.

It will work as usual in its present state. But you will not get newer brave shields features as the browser will not be able to update.

If a bug comes to notice which causes brave shields to not work on the outdated browser, then ads will come through as there is no way to fix it. It is a very unlikely scenario and I do not think it will happen quickly, it will take time for the bug to happen.
Meaning, shields will work as usual. (I might be wrong here)

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Its not about security, its about revenue. Force people to buy their new OS and new shiny hardware during record inflation. They care about you and your security, citizen.

Almost a quarter million employees and they won’t support their own software. What a great company.

@Utidiysyisitdixoxohd I know in your more recent comment here, you’re referencing Microsoft and/or Google. Moving past that though, I thought you might be interested in some of the conversation from last night if you didn’t see it.

Check out Can't get rid of Win7 warning - #40 by Saoiray

Not sure if you’ll want to look at things discussed before & after, but figured you’d be interested in at least that tidbit there.

THis thread sinply shows the same nonsense as so many others. THere is nothing wrong with Win7, not only is there still another update in January, if you would do any research, you might find that there are already MS mentions of another 3 years support.

But then… each time I try brave, I run into several complications which not only waste my time, they also prevent me from keeping several very useful Ff features… so good riddance…

I stll would appreciate it if all the super-super-clever computer people wpould stop telling stories that are not true, just because they like them.

Have good life.

I hate these windows no support and windows based browser os ugrades when Windows 8.1 is still ok and not so complicated. It fine to have only Addon updates for upgrade only else Its looks more controlling of individual choice of os by some other person. There should be some secure browser equivalent to chrome outlook and function with no upgrade issue

@spirity Issue though is what average people don’t recognize. In order for everything to work on the older OS, it has to be written in code to recognize the OS and be able to communicate with it. As technology advances and the code changes, developers have to add extra lines of code to try to keep it compatible with prior OS. It can take a lot of time to do and really taps into the income streams as well.

To quote a really good little article written by a developer from Vivaldi:

All the various OS versions cause challenges for browsers, too. All that nice functionality the OS is managing for the applications is accessed through various function calls, called SDKs and APIs. These tend to change, new ones added, and old ones removed in newer versions of the OS, which means that to support older OSes special code needs to be written to adapt to the changes, and all of these variations need to be tested, usually on relevant hardware, which as mentioned can be hard to find. These adaptations also tend to complicate the logic of the code, making maintenance and testing more difficult, and can introduce bugs that are difficult to find.

So, when an OS version reaches EOL it becomes a question of whether or not the browser should support that older version, and how long it should be supported. One factor can be the number of users on the older platform, and another is how difficult continued support will be to maintain.

If you’d like, you can check out the entire post/article (not sure right word) over at

Hopefully brave team will work from now (before Jan 10, 2023) to make shields receive independent database updates that are separate and not being tied with the browser updates, so that the shields filter lists will be updated regularly even if brave browser dont receive feature/future updates

For developers it’s indeed a pain to keep supporting all deprecated systems and end up in too complicated and buggy code. People complaining here don’t seem to grasp that.
If you don’t like the newer windows, grab yourself a nice Linux distro, you’ll have a modern, well supported os with your favourite browser with more control than you’ll ever have on windows. Great support for older hardware, too.

I just wonder then how could telegram will just work flawlessly on Win 8.1 and has all of the features win 11 version of the app has it… the app is not dropping support for win 8.1…

Telegram is not part of this big tech shady practises to push people towards other version of windows, that’s why i like it.

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