No support for publisher

This is just outrageous.
1.Ok, initially disabled the connection of the wallet to the Browser, let the tokens are collected in it, perhaps when it will be turned on.
2.But now they’ve disabled the publisher as well. You have created a browser that blocks ads, but at the same time, these users can not donate to me. Although I was taking 400-500 tokens every month.
Now not only will I not be able to fully earn from blocked ads, but now I won’t be able to receive rewards either.
At least leave it so that it was possible to receive rewards, but you can’t connect a custodial wallet. Let the tokens collect, until the time when you can connect the country.
Where is the justice?


Is your Creators account connected to a wallet custodian in a supported region?

Right now, my account does not fall under the supported region and I have disabled my wallet from the publisher.

Haa. Lol. :see_no_evil:

I don’t understand what makes you laugh so much?

When will you release web3 wallet?

My account is connected to uphold in a supported region (Canada) for years now. Yet I received this email saying it isnt and that just too bad for me.

What is going on?

If the email you received says you’re in a unsupported region. Then check if you are in a supported region.
This email appears to have been sent to a broader set of creators than intended. If your country is still supported per the official list, then please disregard this email. The Creators Team is actively investigating.

Still need custodial wallet to withdraw the funds

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Hi @Mattches, today I took a look into my Creator profile and noticed a banner saying “being in an unsupported region my linked site now results unverified”; I would like to know if the tips received in the previous month (when site was verified) will be released in my Gemini account or will remain unsent? I live in Italy so no more supported for new linking but old rewards profiles are still verified, so the Creator account since few days ago.

The tips will be sent to you.

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