No Sound When Watching Videos in Brave browser


I’ve been using Brave Browser for quite some time. In recent times however, I’ve run into a problem that I don’t know how to fix.

Problem: No Sound when watching videos in Brave Browser
System: iMac Desktop 2012. Latest IOS install
a) Installed a third party equaliser app after brave. All worked fine.
b) Sound system functions even though now sound in Brave
c) Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Yandex Browsers - no sound problems or issues
Steps Taken to Resolve Issue:

  1. Check system sound settings - ok
  2. adjust video sound in video window - no effect
  3. close out Brave and Restart - no effect
  4. Check if problem exists in other browsers - No Problems
  5. Reboot System - No effect
  6. uninstall Equaliser app and restart Brave - No effect
  7. Reboot System - No effect
  8. Download latest version of Brave from Brave website, uninstall, and reinstall - No effect
  9. Reboot system after reinstall - No effect
  10. PRAM reset and Restart - No effect
  11. Search Web for incidents of similar problems in Brave - Not Found
  12. Join the Brave Community Forum and ask a question - Hello, hoping for advice and assistance.



(wow… tough crowd.…)

Does no-one have any idea how to solve this issue? Is there Tech Support I can contact. I’m finding it really disturbing that I cannot use this Browser for with streamed media content.

No Sound? = No Point!

Can someone, anyone? Help?

Bumping This Question

…is there no such thing as Tech Support for Brave???


SOLVED! Thanks for ALL your help…

In the Address Window of Brave Browser, small icons appear at the end of the address bar. Often so small that they are barely discernible. Be that as it may, if you have my problem, your browser may have elected to Mute the Sound on Specific and particular Websites.

Click the Red X that covers the Speaker icon IN the browser Address Bar and authorise Sound on that Website.



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