No slider to disable Brave Rewards

In attempting to disable Brave Rewards, the on/off slider appears to be missing. Can anyone help me with that?

Hi @bfr2u, Welcome to Community!
Can you send us a screenshot from your brave://rewards/ page?
What version of Brave are you using?

Hi. I hope it’s ok to reply to this topic instead of starting a new one since I’m having a similar problem. Only I have no slider to turn ON Brave Rewards. Therefore, when I click on the Ads slider, nothing happens. I’m using the latest version on a MacBook Pro. I’ve attached 2 screen shots showing the Rewards page and that my browser is up to date.

@bfr2u @ljpro16 yes, there’s no switch to turn on/off Rewards. You just need to flip the switch for each section that you want enable/disable (like ads).

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Eljuno, Does that mean that if I disable Ads and Auto contribute that Brave Rewards is completely disabled so that I receive no Brave Rewards distribution? If that is not the case then I need to stop using Brave Browser in order to avoid Taxable events from Brave Rewards distribution. Thank you for your responses. Sincerely, bfr2u

Yes. If you disable Ads and Auto contribute, Brave Rewards is completely disabled.

Thanks for your quick response. However, the switch to turn Ads on/off won’t work. The Ads section just blinks and the switch doesn’t move, doesn’t turn on. The Auto-Contribute switch does work, but the Ads switch does NOT work.

I have cleared the cache, deleted cookies and restarted the browser multiple times, but to no avail. Is there anything else I should try?


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