No september rewards

I haven’t received my September rewards which is around 2 BATs. A ‘claim’ button as it says in this forum with a bug on captcha. My balance has been reset to zero. Gemini dosen’t exists in France, Uphold needs to pay. I thought that Brave may count and preserve rewards untill a wallet is available. Too late, there is no for the september history?

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What I can tell is ; you need to have an e-wallet like Uphold as a protocol, but there is still another way to make some money at brave; you can read adverts from Brave and set up your system on how much the ads do you want to receive per hour, depending from your location and finally claims your work as a system will automatically tells you every month end.


i also havent recieved anything for october it just reset the wallet and my uphold is unable to link because of my 4 devices limitation cant even remember how much i was surpose to recieve either :confused:

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