No rewards/wallet for Brave mobile browser?

Is there no Rewards/Wallet for the Brave Mobile Browser?

Hi @BraveTrad3r,

Not yet. The wallet for now only available on desktop version. Mobile is still in the works.



Hi eljuno
We are working on a mobile app project that integrates Brave and the BAT wallet
Is there a release date for mobile rewards?
Can we test a Beta version?

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No beta available yet and unfortunately no dates to give for BAT/Rewards on mobile. Just know that we’re working on it and we’ll inform our Community if there’s a test or beta version released.
Appreciate your interest!


Given nearly everyone browses on mobile vs desktop (since the year 2010 anyway), seems like someone needs to adjust priorities. Really hard to imagine rolling out a crypto without a clear roadmap for mobile.

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This thread is over 2 months old.
Rewards on mobile is already in beta and available for testing:

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