No rewards since October 2020

I havent received rewards since October 2020. I cant log into my uphold account from brave rewards to “sync” or whatever it wants you to do either. I can log into uphold from their parent website, last deposit was October 2020. Sometimes my rewards account says 2.5 BAT and other times it says .5 BAT but it never accumulates and never sends the transaction to my uphold account.

What is wrong with it? and what do I need to do to fix this issue?



this need be send via DM.

Ok, can you guide me to where that might be lol.

I have no clue how to send a message to support as the avenues I followed sent me here.

Thank you!!

You must go to your profile, then to the envelope and new message, in the sender you write steven and you send it with the corresponding subject that you think is more appropriate.

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