No rewards payout and support not replying

No rewards payout for October and support team is not replying.
Ads not showing either.
support team any reply please?
i have already sent you wallet id…


Suspect as hell if you ask me. Fishy, you’re not alone, many others have reported exactly the same issues. support has been completely silent.

@NeroSensei please see the reply to your DM. Your wallet has been flagged by our automated system for irregular activity.

@varendabs we’re a small team working through questions as quickly as possible. If you have an issue with your rewards please DM your wallet ID. Thank you.

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@steeven i have replied to your DM
please check

Same here, i also not received october payout

I already sent you a DM with my wallet ID, Browser Version and OS Version around 24 hours ago, but I still haven’t received a response.

Would you mind checking my DM?

You guys need to chill a bit. 24 hrs waiting is nothing. As @steeven has already told you, they are only a small team compared to the amount of members and requests that pop up every hour. Have a little patience.

That’s also because people keep opening multiple threads with the same issues. That’s counterproductive and doesn’t help anybody. It actually slows down everything.

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