No rewards payment in Feb

Haven’t received my Brave rewards into Uphold and nothing is redeemable.

Has anyone got anything for the Month of Feb? I feel like this is a constant issue…

When should we expect to receive them?@steeven

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Same for me…Mine usually pays like clockwork but not this month.

No for now, but payments should be processing. And well i commonly receive paymets for creators one day or two afther the process begins.

And well yes, is common to see this type os issues, but well be patient. So many users to few hands

Thanks for writing in and for your patience. Payments are still processing. For updates please see February Brave Ads Payout Status.

Where on can i find my payment status on the beave rewards site? or is it on Uphold?
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i have the same issue

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The same here. No payment on 6 February.

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not include my other PC , ANDROID.


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I don´t think that works like that. I used to think like this but:

when a company pays for advertisement they pay with money in uphold and automaticly is converted to BAT. Same BAT they use to pay us, even if BAT goes up to 1dollar it doesn´t matter because the unit is paid in BAT.

That amount of BAT recolected id divided between the numer of users, the campaing, user attention etc.

For example, in the image we see a company that is paying 100,000 USD to brave for advertisement. Same amount is converted to 325,626 BAT. Those BAT are going to be divided according to the same factors that i already mention. The price has nothing to do with de BAT amount you will receive.

You can see this in the transparency website:

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@steeven check your inbox , i sent you a DM , thanks …

yeah sure…

and the sistem is ERROR NOV DES JAN FEB

Some People only JAN FEB
some people NOV DES only

Well that sound like “random” BUG or… Random PICK user to not pay :smiley: just like HYIP lol

Men, the uphold payment system is pretty new, it only has more less than a year. Is normal they are going to have bugs and errors, more because they have to mantain the code for several versions of the browser for different platforms. Also keep track on the tips made on different websites and whole stuff. If you know something of software development, well is pretty dificult traying to mantain a new proyect with a big bases of users like this. If an error is detected if pretty dificult to find, sometimes solving an error produces 10 more etc.

Also in the community per month, if i can make an estimate of how many threads are complaining for payments (not counting users that send private messages), maybe i can count up to 100 or maybe 250aprox issues realted. For example you can make your estimate just cheking the threads since the last month (yes i took the time to count them and make my estimate).

Taking in count that there are 25 Million active users per month acording to:

In any case, the number of issues is small in comparence (in comparence, but globaly by other mediums of support maybe be tons) and every issue is a specific case. What i´m traying to say is, even if your teory where they don´t pay us to pay others is right, if you make logical counts and numbers, the numbers don´t match.

And before you say. I have also had problems with payments. For example i haven´t receive my paymet for january on creators, but i´m not desesperate or angry, because in the past i also had small issues realted, all of them have been resolved.

For example, between july to august we had big problems with payments on the ads system, they didn´t pay us part of the money because of some users making fraudalent acts with the platform. Two month later between the second week they paid us the amount that was frozeen. And well the ads servers also had problems xd.

So, yes. The platform has problems, i´m not going to say the opposite, but the system is relatively new. If you don´t like how it is, sorry man, return a couple of years when it´s a stronger proyect. If not be patient, i see you are relatively new here, if you have some problems or stuff, sorry, but the things are like there are.

In any case you have your own opinion and i respect it.

Have a good day.

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u will get it in next couple of days…i just got today…it usually takes a week to complete every payment cycle

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Payment received today. Thank you.

what payment have you got…is it publisher/creator payment??

February payment.

details here: No rewards payment in Feb

does anyone know about how is the new method to get bats?

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Hi @steeven Payment status thread says payment is completed but I still didn’t receive anything and it’s already 1 week past. Kindly assist. Thank you.

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