No Rewards for January

Estimated Earnings was 5.7 Bat now Payout will only be proceed february fifth and ammount is being added to balance.

Wait till the payment process end, if after that you don’t get paid the dm steeven with a description of your problem, your brave and OS versions and your wallet id from here brave://rewards-internals.

Please note that the bats must have been in your pending rewards for at least 2 weeks before the payment date so they can available to be paid (number calculated by me), so it is possible that you’ll not get the amount your are expecting, so don’t worry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, I didn’t receive any rewards in January either, the date changed to February.


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probably a very slow payout this month. The gas fee is high for eth. Brave has to compete the gas fee with other defi.

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