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Hi, the reward mechanism has not been working properly for a month. Only the first ad when opening a new tab is rewarded (0.01 BAT). Watching more ads will no longer give me a reward. I didn’t get over the “10 ads per hour limit” either. I have this behavior on all Windows devices. Also in the beta and the nightly versions. Why is that? What can I do?


Rewards will vary based on campaign limits and ad views. You can learn more here: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

If you are seeing recent ads in your 30 Day Ad History, it is likely working as intended.

If you’d like us to investigate, please submit your issue here:


Difficult to say. Ads are visible for 30 days. But still, I only get credited tokens for around ~50% of the viewed ads. For comparison…last month I had 13 Bat reward, this month 4 Bat. With the same user behavior. Even less so on my business notebook.

I can’t make sense of the campaigns. All very opaque. The FAQ don’t help me there either.

You’re talking about New Tab Page Sponsored Image Ads and its rules/mechanism have changed in the last updates. That’s why.

This limit only applies to Push Notification Ads and it’s a maximum, not a guarantee.

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Not sure what you mean about you unable to make sense of campaigns. I mean, not sure if my little guide on understanding the ad catalog might help. But perhaps check it out at Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

As g00z mentioned to you, Sponsored Images on your New Tab Page (usually referred to as NTP ads for short), changed how they worked. Brave had been allowing people to continually open them and exceed view limits, making a substantial income for themselves. Now it’s limited to you earning from NTP for like 1 ad every 15 minutes or something like that. This only refers to the NTP ads, not the ads that come up in your push notifications.

I’d say research things a bit more, which can start by asking questions like you’re doing now. If you think there’s a problem, you can submit the support ticket as Evan123 linked to you.

That said, keep in mind the 10 per hour is the maximum, not the minimum. We’re never promised any amount of ads. What is available to us is based on how many ad campaigns are in our region, what operating systems the advertisers are targeting, and whether we may have already viewed them more than the View Limit. Some months will have awesome earnings while others there may be hardly any earnings at all.

And it does matter, like right now I’m in Florida here in the United States. It seems that there are no ad campaigns running at this moment. They’ll probably have some start later today or tomorrow, but I’ll not be seeing ads until then.

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