No rewards coming in and no response from support

This is insanely frustrating to have no response from support. Its simple to see there is an issue. Brave needs to make an announcement if it continues to disregard its clients. Rewards stoppedcoming in last month snd says no rewards this month, 5 dsys in! I look at every ad possible and i leave it open. Whats up? I think brave owes me a bunch of tokens.

Hi @Cteubner - thank you for writing in, and for your patience. Can you give me some context around exactly what you are experiencing. I can help to get to the bottom of what might be going on.

Thank you!

Thank you for the response,

I noticed mid way through last month that my rewards were no longer accruing. I waited to see if it would continue into this month thinking maybe there was a limit to the rewards i could receive in a month. But 5 days into this month, it still says no rewards for March.

I have been looking at every ad possible, every day. So i believe brave owes me a bunch of tokens.


Christian Teubner

Can you share a screenshot of your ads transaction history and rewards panel? What OS and Brave version are you on?

I am on my android phone.

Hi @Cteubner - has the panel updated to reflect any March ads viewed?


Yes it has. Thank you.



I am again, not receiving rewards. Also my ads have stopped popping up.




It doesn’t seem like the rewards are adding up again.



It seems the rewards aren’t adding up again.



All of this seems sketchy. Why are there so many reports of people missing BAT?



And I’ve been getting no response.


Anyone out there to hellllllp?!

Hi @Cteubner - please see DM. Thanks!


Ive replied to your messages repeatedly and have been getting ignored.

My token total is the same for the last month. You guys owe me more tokens! What is going on over there???

I’ve also been looking at the ads this month and it says there are none. Seems you guys are taking advantage all while taking ad monies.

Hi @Cteubner - let’s keep a cool head. I’ve responded to your messages, and initially your issue was resolved.

The screenshot above it showing a balance, which is different than what you’ve stated you’re experiencing. Can you confirm that your panel is now showing the appropriate balance?

Thanks in advance!

If you look at the above thread, it shows me responding about 6 times and getting ghosted by support it’s absurd and frustrating.

I had the same issue with it saying no rewards about a month ago. This adds to the frustration because of repeated occurrences, of the same issue with no response. It becomes obvious that this company is being disingenuous to its users. I’ve looked at a bunch of ads this month and it says I’vehad no activities!

When it was fixed the first time about a month ago thd balance read 185.1 and hasn’t changed.

Hi @Cteubner - I can assure you of two things, we want you to earn as much as possible from Brave Ads, and we are here to help. It’s a new system, and we are working hard to improve it as quickly as possible. We’ll get to the bottom of your issue. I’ll review your Rewards internals info with a developer on the team and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on, and ensure that you’re paid the correct amount of BAT. I really appreciate your patience here as we track this down.