No Reply from Steeven

Didn’t Receive any Reply from @Steeven and other Support Guy , for not receiving Jan 2022 Rewards !
Well done Support Team.

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@Agent47 Let’s see, you posted Wednesday, he told you on Thursday to message him with the information he neeeded, and it’s now Sunday. They don’t work the forums over the weekends. On top of that, they get tons of messages and tags each day.

It’s called you need to learn to be patient and wait.


Hi, sorry to disturb the little party going on here but i was just wondering if you could link me the page with the details required for me to dm steeven (sorry im new to this forum and on my mobile and have no clue no on how it works) so i can dm him with the same issue as the hitman above. I’ve spent the last half hour clicking various posts trying to find the reply post you made to someone which had that info but cant find the damn thing. When i did return to prev page to bring it back up it just closed that page then straight to home screen.

Update: i digured out the @ function but i cant remember the guys proper username that you were referring to, steeven? Steveen?

It is @steeven. Please be patient with him after DM.

@Cryptocode as mentioned, it’s steeven. Then there’s Mattches which is the other person. Can check out Still no payout? read this before posting for information they need from you and everything. And the @ is only to tag them. Messaging/DM is different. You need to click on the name and then Message

Oh i will dont worry. Ive been spending the past few days reading posts after posts of people going off and threatening to stop using brave browser because they didnt receive 1-3BAT. I say good bye and stay safe to those people, we’ll be better off without having such toxicity and negativity from folks like that.


Couldn’t agree more!

Yep i know i have to dm them for security reasons i believe you said somewhere recently right? Lol. I just couldnt remember the username which you and @dsims helped me with.

@Cryptocode I’ve actually been starting to address some of that. Issue is they don’t like to make too many official announcements, especially if it might be taken the wrong way. So a lot of times we have to put puzzle pieces together. I’ve been getting SOME information directly from Brave, but even then it’s not too much. If you hadn’t seen the posts I link to here, or even the comment itself…might be worth your time to check out if curious as to some of the delays.

Sorry if im misunderstanding something here, but what were you referring to when you said you were starting to address it and the other bits?

AHHH you found it! That was the reply post i was referring to above where it closed on me when reading and following the instructions you wrote up! Many thanks @Saoiray for linking it for me again.

On another topic could you assist with the link to the page that details the form regarding removing one of the wallets out of the four limit to verify a new one. I recall you or someone mentioning that currently only 1 can be removed and was working on a solution to change that limit. My laptop is out of commission so need that removed for my tablet. I have a phone that will need to be replaced soon so hoping that solution is just around the corner…

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I was keyed in on how you were saying having issues getting BAT and asked how to contact them. It also was essentially responding to the idea of the negativity of other users, as I’ve been trying to help people understand a bit better what is going on.

Oh gotcha. I knew what to do actually in that i had to dm them with certain info, i just didnt know the exact info or the url i had to type in to access said info until i eventually got to your reply comment that you linked above. That and guessing variations of steevens cause i couldnt remember the spelling and didnt even have the faintest clue what the 2nd username was though i knew there was a 2nd to dm as well.

Ive been reading through a number of posts, people ranting about a few BAT missing and going on about it being a scam, being robbbed , cheated etc. All that negative energy and you having to be the gatekeeper (officially or unofficiallly im not sure, are you a brave team staff or just a very helpful member of the community?) trying to help but also straighten them out must be draining. Just an FYI, im not one of those people, I reaearch/learn before asking questions, i read before i write. BUT im tired from taking my dog out before dawn for an hour after taking him out twice earlier in the night/day (i have a border collie) and got lazy so thought might be quicker to message you for the info. Blame this guy.

And this is him judging me for being lazy

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Okay, so let me clarify that. Anyone with Community Ninja like me means we’re just active users who try to help. It’s a badge that is given to us by Brave.

User has been recognized by Brave for providing exceptional help on Community.

If they are staff with Brave, you’ll see they have an icon as part of their picture where it shows the lion. They might be developers, support, or any other function but it does indeed mean officially hired staff empoyed with Brave. An example of that is the screenshot below:

Community Ninja - Brave Community - Brave 2_20_2022 5_55_57 PM

Then the shield you see on the right side of Mattches means they are an admin or moderator. You can see the list of Admin and Moderator on Brave Community by going to

You’ll see that there are Leader as well. I’ve been told that the vast majority are Brave staff, but may not be active here as they are mainly developers and others who work behind the scenes. There are 121 of them currently, but if you click on each and view their Last Post and all under Summary or Activity, you’ll realize the vast majority have not been around since like 2019/2020 or so, with almost all disappearing by 2021.

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I can understand why people are getting angry by the time it takes to get answers. I’m facing a problem with my Brave browser, ads not being served because of an authorization problem while my personal mac and work mac both serve ads properly. They removed the lock for my PC’ but it came back mid-december, and no help ever since. I opened a forum post, but no help. why can’t we access our account and validate that nothing is going on. this baffles me. Brave is going to need to find alternate support options as we see countless people having problems, and reporting that nothing solves it…

Hi @Agent47, thanks a bunch for your patience. Please see my reply in the DM.

@hashatharias @Cryptocode for some reason I’m not seeing any recent DM’s from you with the above info. Did you send to me or to Mattches? We’ll get it resolved.


I had forgotten to send it that morning, oops. Just sent it with alot of edits so apologies if it creates multiple notifications or anything like that. I also just added @Mattches to the dm