No referral reward receive

I have 1 confirmed referral from Group 1 on August month but I don’t received 7.50 USD in my BAT. Why?

Hi @blackshark, it can take 48hrs for this to update.

will I receive the referral award? because its already 21st of September.

In July I have the above unresolved situation
The number of “bat” has not been updated.
help me
digital image
confirmed 355 group 3 only received 1259 “bat”

@blackshark, what’s the email linked to your account?

Hello sir, the email linked in my wallet is

Hello sir. My referral reward for the month of august is still missing. The email address of my wallet is

Hi @blackshark, looks like you’ve accrued 3.92 BAT. There is a 5 BAT minimum for payout.

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