No Referal Stats in Creators Account

Hi @sahil325, thanks for your patience. We’ve filed an issue with your specifics for the dev team to review.

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please review mi case too…@steeven

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@steeven thank you sir for your response hope it will be sovle soon.

Hi @steeven sir how much time it will take. its been 3 days but still no changes Referal stats are not visible.

uphold suspended many accounts on the first of September, check and verify that everything is fine in uphold first, that happens with the statistics when uphold suspends your account

I have same problem and Uphold is ok , so the problem is here

Dont reply when you don’t know anything first check all reply what is the matter. I’m Recieving my brave rewards in my uphold wallet regularly and its working fine. Also Recieving my referral rewards. But this matter is different. There is a bug in it i think and we already discuss about it with steeven that its not a matter of suspension.

same problem with my account.

where is steeven ? no reply any DM or ques.

Hi @sahil325 @ass003, good morning :slight_smile: As mentioned above, an issue has been filed with the Dev team and it is currently being investigated. As soon as I have more info, I will share it here right away. Thank you for your patience as we look into this issue.


Hi @steeven , 16 days passed but no solution yet. please help.

@sahil325, what’s the email linked to your account?


sir already give it to you 2 times and 17 days passed but nothing happen.

sir @steeven why no solution yet.

Hi @sahil325 - the issue is still open and being looked at. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet?

What happened with my Stats and referral links? They dont appear

no sir @steeven i havnt tried it. should i do it now.

thanks @steeven @Mattches developer team finally referral stats appearing again now.

but it takes too much time almost 25 days.