No QR code to transfer mobile funds


After installing the most recent Brave browser update, I have no access to a QR code to transfer my mobile funds.

Thank you for any and all help!

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The removed it because Brave was not ready.

Now there is a bug in the iOS (Brave said) and Brave does not want people using it. They have to get Apple to approve the fix and Apple is a pain to work with at times,

When they had the QR code working it was like the QR at . But do not use it, issue with iOS,

This is something Brave should had in place from early on. They now have sync so this should help in the transfer for all the OS,

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i have the exact same thing, no qr code on my brave browser. with each update there is always a bug. this time it’s not the ads that we don’t receive but the wallet balance that we no longer see, and not possible to find this damn QR Code

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