No publicity to make bats for my region (brasil)

hello my friends

good night

i live in brasil and i get the brave dev for linux but dont have any publicity to my region.

please whats the preview to have publicity for my region ?

i have 50 bats in my wallet to long time.

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@almeida thank you for joining the brave team and also welcome to the community. Brave needs as many soldiers as possible to spread the message of brave. So if you can not find a publicity or community in your region create one. At least that’s what am doing by trying to identify the Africans using brave to help spread the message further. Thank you. Welcome to a Brave New World

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There will never be advertisements for Brazil?

internet explorer was once king chrome is now that mad king, we have to work to together to give it a little humility

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how can you make me an voluntary of brave ? what i need to do ?

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