No Privacy in privacy mode

Your location shows up even though in privacy browsing mode on the website. Why?

So what’s the point of privacy mode then? Location is private.

Yes, I know how the internet works. My point being - there is no privacy in “privacy mode”, which is what brave browser calls it, in your settings. So why bother using it? It serves no purpose.

Sure there is. It removes all cookies, browser history, etc. It also masks you better in terms of fingerprinting by not having any extensions or individualized settings on your device.

Your IP address, location, etc can have a lot of places it leaks from. A person can use a VPN but still have their IP or real location shared because your ISP leaks it out to them. In other cases, it can be because of Java or other programs/apps on your device which reports information. It’s nothing “simple” by any means. That said, it is indeed private in terms of people wanting to make sure not to leave traces of their activity on a local level.