No popup ads showing in existing Windows user

Description of the issue:

For the past couple days I’ve haven’t been receiving the normal popup ads. I’m still seeing the sponsored new tab background ads, so I know I likely haven’t been placed on hold or banned from ads.

Troubleshooting done…
I did a bunch of troubleshooting based on the community posts I found, and nothing worked. (new Brave profile, the site, reinstall Brave, reset Brave rewards, etc). I then tried creating a new Windows user. Success, Brave popup ads are showing again; obviously this isn’t ideal considering I’m having no other user issues…

Expected result:

Presumably I have a corrupted user profile file somewhere that isn’t fixed by the steps above, but I have no idea where to look… any advice would be appreciated.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.21.74

OK, this is kind of weird. I’m now back in my existing Windows user account and for the first time in almost 48 hours, I had a popup ad. I don’t know how creating a new Windows user account fixed THIS user account, but so far it seems to have…

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